Q. Does it require internet access?
A. Yes. We have plans for WAN based solutions but for now the Flood Guard connects to the homeowner’s local router or base station.

Q. Do I need power near the install point?
A. Yes. Both the Sensor and the Hub require standard 110v AC in the USA. We’re working on a battery operated model for more flexibility.

Q. Is this American Made?
A. Parts are sourced globally and The Flood Guard is designed, assembled, tested and distributed in the USA by OHIoT in partnership with Nash Distribution.

Q. What if it gets wet?
A.You probably have bigger problems in your basement, but yes, Flood Guard comes with a 1-year, no hassle warranty.

Q. My pump is sealed, is that a problem?
A. Not a problem at all. Your trained professional will be able to install in moments regardless of whether it’s covered, sealed, open or part of a radon system.

Q. Will it tell me if I have a problem?
A. Currently the system will provide alerts to high and low water alarms. The homeowner can set these manually or simply let the system set it automatically after 24 hours, customized to that install. We are excited to be teaching our computers how to predict failures and look forward to when we can make this feature publicly available.

Q. How big of a problem is basement flooding?
A. A home is more likely to experience a flood than fire or home invasion in a 20 year period. Nearly $4 billion of insurance claims annually come from failed pumps in US homes.

Q. Will OHIoT be adding additional products to the Flood Guard line?
A. Yes. The pump alarm is hopefully the first in a long line of innovative solutions we’re bringing to the smart home market.

Q. Am I eligible for discounts on my home owner’s insurance?
A. Probably. Please contact your insurance provider to discover your savings. We’re working with insurance providers to make this a seamless savings process.

Q. Can Flood Guard be used on things other than water?
A. Yes! Flood Guard technology is suitable for a range of applications not limited to water or liquids.