Install Kit Contents

  1. Hub
  2. Sensor
  3. Micro-USB power supplies
  4. Network Cable

Hub with Network Cable and Power Cable


Sensor with Power Cable


Thank you for choosing the FloodGuard Alarm to protect your home from sump pump failure. Your Alarm consists of two main pieces, the Hub and the Sensor. The hub will plug into your home network router while the sensor will be installed in the basement sump pit. The Sensor uses sonar to measure the water level and relays this information to the Hub and on to a website. On the website, you can see the data in real time and customize settings.

Step 1

Connect the Network Cable between the Hub and your home router or DHCP enabled Ethernet port. Connect a power supply between an outlet and the Hub. The Hub will power on, and after a few moments the light on top will go solid green (possibly with a bit of red).

Troubleshooting – Verify the lights under the Ethernet port are lit on both the back of the Hub and home router. The light will go green when the Hub can reach the internet.

Step 2

Place the sensor in the sump pit for the two metal cylinders to have a clear line of sight to the bottom of the sump pit. Mount using either our Flood Guard mounting kit (optionally included), or simply mount to the lid or side of the pit. Best results are achieved when there is at least 3 inches diameter clear view. The sensor needs to be secure, not subject to movement, and level. Plug the power cable in to both a power outlet and the sensor.

Step 3

Go to and login with your Gmail account. View the dashboard, and verify your sensor is broadcasting and delivering reliable / benchmarking information. Go into settings in the upper right hand corner and confirm the phone number is correct, noting the default alarm heights. After a bit of time, the Flood Guard system will tailor these alarm levels and settings based on the water levels observed.


Dashboard view showing a) current water level and chart of water level over time.

Sit back and relax with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’re watching 24/7
to find the problem before you have one…and there are no small basement floods.

Download Our Easy Setup Guide

699434-icon-70-document-file-pdf-512Flood Guard Alarm System Easy Setup Guide